6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Nobody is exempt. David, a man after God’s own heart, succumbed to temptation after reveling in his success.

Build the right hedges of protection around you. (Refer to excerpt from "Hedges" by Jerry Jenkins)

"One of the major causes of marital breakups in the Christian community is the lack of protective hedges that the spouse should plant around theri marriage. Because of the new openness in society to interaction between the sexes, I have placed the following hedges aound my marriage:

Number one, whenever I need to meet or dine or travel with an unrelated woman I make it a threesome. Should an unavoidable last minute complication make this impossible, my wife hears from me first.

Number two, I am carefrul about touching. While I might shake hands or squeeze an arm or shoulder in greeting, I embrace only dear friends or relatives, and only in front of others.

Number three, if I pay a compliment it is on clothing or hair style, not on the person herself. Commenting on a pretty outfit is much different in my opinion than telling her that she herself looks really pretty.

Number four, I avoid flirtation or suggestive conversation even in jest.

Number five, I remind my wife often in writing and orally that I remember my wedding vows."

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