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Well, let me tell you a true story about a young fireman. In the midst of a blaze he stepped forward and volunteered to go rescue a little baby, even though the chief had said that the flames were too strong and the building too unstable.

As soon as that young fireman was able to get that little girl out the window and into the rescue net, the building collapsed, and he died.

Twenty years later, at a graveside with a statue of a fireman, stood a twenty-year old sobbing woman. A man stopped and asked politely, “Was that your father or brother?” “No,” she replied, “That’s the man who died for me.” (source: Ronald J. Lavin “I Am the Resurrection and the Life,”

Christ did something for humanity that no one else could do. While we struggle with the finality of death, we should be more concerned about the finality of everlasting life. Everyone is going somewhere…Christ has provided the way to live eternally with Him.

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