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I was talking to one of my friends from the islands and he was explaining how the people on his island loved mangos. He went ahead to explain how mangos were also the leading fruit import to the island and how they would raise the prices on mangos at will. The second part to this story and the most important part is the fact that he told me that the island was filled with mango trees. He explained that they were so many mango trees that they mango would eventually fall and create a problem for the people to have to deal with.

Now me being the business man that I am I immediately asked myself “If they have an abundance of mango’s available and a great demand for mangos from within, why would they just sit there and render such a great blessing from God useless.” This is the same thing that we do when we go out searching and paying for people to help us with things that we have within. We are denying the very existence and purpose of the people (trees) that God has planted all around us begging for us to pick from them.

There are so many resources untapped and unused in the church that we should really be ashamed that we ever even thought to go anywhere else for help. Go has someone lined up who specializes in dealing with your specific problem. The people who he has lined up to help you only need for you to totally submit yourself obedient to the will of God for them to be able to immediately help you out of your seemingly desperate situation.

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