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Ian McClaren tells about visiting an old Scotch lady who was standing in her kitchen weeping. She wiped her eyes with the corner of her apron, and when the minister asked her what was the matter, she confessed; "I am so miserable and unhappy."


"Because I have done so little for Jesus. When I was just a wee girl, the Lord spoke to my heart and I did so very much want to live for Him."

"Well, haven’t you?" asked the minister.

"Yes, I have lived for Him, but I have done so little."

"What have you done?"

"I have washed dishes, cooked three meals a day, taken care of the children, mopped the floor, and mended clothes. That is all I have done all my life, and I wanted to do something for Jesus."

The preacher, sitting back in the armchair, looked at her and smiled.

"Where are your boys?" he inquired.

"Oh, my boys! You know where Mark is. You ordained him yourself before he went to China. There he is preaching for the Lord. Why are you asking?"

"Where is Luke?", questioned the minister.

"Luke? He went from your own church; didn’t you send him out? I had a letter from him the other day."

And then she became so happy and excited as she continued.

"A Revival has broken out on the mission station, and he said they were having a wonderful time in the service of the Lord."

"Where is Matthew?"

"He is with his brother in China. And isn’t it fine that the two boys can be working together? I am so happy about that. And John came to see me the other night - he is my baby,...

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