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“The ‘Holy Grail’ of Super Glues!” John 17:1-5 Key verse(s) 4:“I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.”

It takes a special hand to deal with glue! Some are born to handle the sticky and others not. I am one of the latter lot. While, like most men, I find the physical properties of most binders intriguing, in that there are few occupations more rewarding than being able to repair the unrepairable with a simple dab of glue, I have always belonged to the class of men of aspire to glue but are not able to truly work with it.

There are two endemic problems with glue that tend to keep me from grabbing the tube with utmost confidence. First, glue is sticky and I simply don’t like sticky things. Ever since childhood I have had a deep uneasiness with fingers that stick together or patches of itchy glue dried upon my knuckles. I remember once trying to glue together the pieces of a very nice model car that I had received for Christmas and, to my utter disappointment, ending up with something that could not be painted nor displayed because I had glue blotches in places not called for in the directions. I believe that my inherent problem with glue stems from the fact that by nature I possess a level of impatience that is anathema to the gluing process. Someone worthy of the title “Keeper of the Glue Gun”, must possess patience and, above all else, a steady hand and the willingness to get a bit of it on ones hands. In that respect I am lacking on both accounts.

When we think about the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit of God, it is sometimes good to think of it in terms of stickiness. It is the Spirit that binds us to Christ. Although we view the Spirit in terms of tongues of flame descending down upon His disciples on that first Pentecost, I like to think of it in terms of stickiness. The Holy Spirit, the “Super Glue” that bound those first Christians to one another and to Christ, is still working at his “binding” ministry today––in our hearts and lives. Even though Jesus was gone, arisen into heaven and for the first time in years not present with His disciples, something was granted them nonetheless that pulled them tightly back, binding them to the love of Christ. It was the “Holy Grail” of all Super Glues, the Holy Spirit of God.

What is this “glue” He uses? It is none other than the love of Christ. This is the binding agent that no earthly philosophical solvent can destroy. Once so bound by His love, a bond is formed that not Satan, the world or our flesh can destroy. Thus bound, we become one with Him, in His suffering and in His glory. Martin Luther writes, “And as Christ, our Head, prays, so also must we who cleave to Him pray that He may be glorified in us.”...

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