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Our custodians are working wonders! They are task-oriented with multiple jobs to do and are determined to finish them before the day is out. I remember seeing the expression on a custodian’s face one day when she turned on her Harley (vacuum cleaner) and couldn’t get it to work. She checked the switch; she examined the nozzle and attachments, but still no power. When I chuckled she knew what had happened. I had pulled the cord out of the wall socket! She laughed; I plugged it back in and away she went!

There was a current flow through the whole building supplying power to computers, lights, heating systems, and magnetic door stops. All that energy flowing through a building of 24,000 square feet and yet one small vacuum didn’t work. Why? The vacuum wasn’t plugged into the source of power. The connection of simply putting the cord into an electrical wall outlet changed that and the work could continue.

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