3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Kyle Idelman tells a story about his 4 year old daughter coming into his office, just as he decides to rearrange the place. He had this large heavy desk and was pushing it from one side of the office to the other. His daughter wanted to help so she got between his arms and just started pushing with all her might. She huffed and puffed, stained and struggled with her dad behind her. At one point she stops, looks at her dad and says, “Daddy, you are in my way, just stand over there.” Kyle hid his smile and did as she said. Again, she huffed and puffed, struggled and strained but this time the desk didn’t budge an inch. Daddy wasn’t behind her pushing any longer.

How many times have we decided to “help” God move things along and then take over and send him off to the side? Have you ever noticed that things don’t go forward any more when we do that?

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