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I want you to imagine a couple sitting in a coffee shop. And you are one table over. Have you ever done this? You just kind of eavesdrop. You know, those coffee shops are small enough; you can hear almost every conversation in the room. You know, just have your laptop open so they don’t know you are listening.

You are at the table next over, and there is a couple there. And they are in love. And they are absolutely head over heels for each other. They are staring, looking into each other’s eyes. And there is that longing and the sigh. And you can just feel the passion emanating. And finally she looks at him, and she says, “I want to know you.” There is a little grin on her face, a little giggle.

And you are thinking, “Yeah, I know what she means.” And he looks back at her, and he says, “Fine. I will send you a book I wrote about myself so you can read it. And you can know me.” And she says, “No, you know, I want to be close.” And he says, “I know. That is why I am sending you to this seminar that is all about my life, so that you can feel closer to me in a two-day experience.” And she reaches over. She grabs his hand. And she says, “I want to be with you.” He says, “Well, that is nice. There is a course at church that you can take where you can be with me.”

See, I am not talking about increasing your knowledge. Knowledge puffs up. Knowledge has the power to make you arrogant, and that is just about it. That is all knowledge can do for you if it is divorced from what the real intent of knowledge is. It is to cause you to grow in love, grow in faith.

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