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Jars of Clay sings about how we should be in love with the One who we praise – Listen to their song “Love Song for a Savior” and note some of their words and the heartbeat of this song. Catch these phrases in the song

i. He is as close as a heart beat.

ii. We must learn how to see Him

iii. We must run and fall into His arms

iv. Do you want to fall in love with Him?

v. It is your choice!

vi. But you may be thinking it that it seems too easy to call Him Savior!

1. But it is that simple!

2. How can we show Him proper devotion? Give Him your heart and your life!

3. Do you want to? Then do it as this song is played!

Play Song: “Love Song for a Savior”

Action point: Do you want to fall in love with Him then open up you heart?

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