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The movie “Thirteen” retells the life story of a typical thirteen-years-old girl in LA. In one scene, the girl was depressed, so she got into a bathroom and start getting a razor and cut her arms with it and inflicted pain on herself so that she could feel better. “What!” I was shocked and could not believe what I’ve seen until someone from our youth group confirmed that it was true. This is known as “cutting”, or SI “self-injury”.

That was just baffling to the mind. Why would someone deliberately hurt her own body? What could possibly be gained by self-injury? And certainly most of us would never do such things.

But in a powerful and painful way self-injury happens regularly in Christ’s body. The Bible talks about the church as the Body of Christ. That reminds us that the church belongs to Jesus (It’s HIS body) and to all of us (It’s OUR...

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