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From the 9-20-05 Daily Bread

A few years ago, an unkempt, poorly adjusted youth named Tim… was converted to Christ in an evangelistic crusade. Several days later…he was sent to my home so that I could help him find a good church. And so it was that he began attending with me.

Though Tim needed and received much loving help in personal grooming and basic social graces, one characteristic has remained unchanged—his untamed love for his Savior.

One Sunday after church Tim rushed to my side, looking somewhat perplexed. He exclaimed, "Why me? I keep asking myself, why me?" Oh, no, I thought, he’s become another complaining Christian. Then with arms outstretched, he went on to say, "Out of all the people in the world who are greater and smarter than I am, why did God choose me?" With that he joyfully clapped his hands.

Over the years I’ve heard many Christians, including myself, ask "Why me?" during tough times. But Tim is the first one I’ve heard ask that question when talking about God’s blessings..." Joanie Yoder

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