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What is the first thought that comes to your mind at the name of Jesus? How would you describe his character or emotional makeup? What is your image of Jesus as a man? Isn’t He sort of meek and mild? One man said “I mean the pictures I have of him show a gentle guy with children all around. Kind of like Mother Teresa.” They are predominantly the kind of pictures we find in our churches and homes. They leave us with the impression that Jesus was the world’s nicest guy. Like Mister Rogers with a beard. From Sunday School on we see a gentle, meek, Savior, well-groomed and tidy man wearing a shining white dress. In these paintings He taps gently on a door, plays with children, or stares lovingly into the eyes of a lamb nestled in His arm. Although these images are comforting, they do little to suggest masculine strength and resolve. Jesuit priest Patrick Arnold laments Christ’s frequent portrayal as a bearded lady.

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