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Bernard of Clairvaux speaks of a “perfume compound of the remembered benefits of God.” Such a fragrance is easily obtained by spending a season in praise for the things God has already done. Not just by saying thank you, but by expressing a life of gratitude. Every born-again Christian should be giving off a pleasing odor. The fragrant of remembering is quite different from a false praise to get from God. (The Best of Tozer, Book One)

Ten lepers received their health; that was the benefit. Only one came back to give thanks to the Lord Jesus. (Luke 17:17) That was the perfume. Unremembered blessings are like dead flies that lie in the anointing oils, they can become a fragrance of dead worship and bring a bad smell to a holy God. Remembered blessings, thankfulness for the Lord’s present favors and a rejoicing in His promised graces become like a blend of myrrh, and aloes and cassia thus making forth an ingredient for a pleasant aroma of praise. (The Best of Tozer, Book One)

Join the grateful. Bless the Lord this season with praise.

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