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A man urgently needed to get to town. So he went to a neighbor who happened to be a pastor and asked to borrow his horse. The pastor obliged but told the man that there were some special instructions required for riding this particular horse. The preacher said, “since we need to begin our prayers with thanksgiving and praise, I have taught the horse to go when he hears the words ‘thank you God.’” The preacher continued, “since we end our prayers with ‘amen,’ I have taught the horse to stop when he hears the word amen.”

The pastor asked the man if he understood, and the man answered, “sure.”

The man got on the horse and said, “Thank God.” The horse began to move. He said it again. And the horse moved faster. He said Thank God once more and the horse was in a gallop.

About that time the man realized that he is headed straight for a cliff. He yelled Whoa! But the horse didn’t even slow down. He starts yelling, “stop, whoa, retreat,” but for the...

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