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Let’s have a little fun together...

-I want each of you to think of a number between 1-9.

-Now multiply that number by nine.

-Add the digits of your answer together (if 35, 3 + 5 = 8).

-Now subtract five.

-Now if A=1, B=2, C=3 etc., what letter is represented by the number you have now?

-Now think of a country beginning with that letter.

-Next think of a mammal beginning with the LAST letter of that country.

-Next think of a fruit beginning with the LAST letter of that animal.

So you all started out with different numbers, and now you’re thinking of a country, an animal and a fruit. Let me see if I can read someone’s mind out there... This doesn’t make much sense... There aren’t many kangaroos living in Denmark who eat oranges, are there?

Were you surprised? Maybe just a little bit amazed?

NOTE: (approx. 98% will have that answer. Only 2% will come up with different answers. Some may have a Koala in Denmark who likes apples. An even smaller number will have picked one of two other “D” countries, like Dominican Republic or Djibouti.)

That’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about magic. That sense of surprise — that “How did he do...

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