3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

*Our daughter, Katie, gave me a Chris Rice CD for Christmas in 2004...

*It’s got a great Christmas song called Welcome to Our World...

Fragile fingers sent to heal us...

Tender brow prepared for thorn

Tiny heart whose blood will save us...

Unto us is born

So, wrap our injured flesh around You

Breathe our air & walk our sod

Rob our sin & make us holy

Perfect Son of God... Perfect Son of God.

*I heard that & I thought: -Rob our sin... -Rob our sin...

*What is he talking about? -Then it crashed in on me...

-Jesus took something that didn’t belong to Him...

*He took our sin when He died on the Cross for us.

-He took our sin so we could go to Heaven with Him.

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