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Mega-Trends That Shape Future: The Brand Futures Group has identified 10 mega-trends that will define the next decade.

(1.) Generation blur, new work and lifestyles for 30& 40 year olds. Life-stage, not demographics, will be the most important criterion for market segmentation.

(2.) Evolution from green to blue. Companies must be seen as doing good, not just doing no harm.

(3.) Need for security and privacy. The home will be seen as a fortress against Big Brother.

(4.) No-brow culture. The rise of discount retailers has prompted the rise of the anti-status customer.

(5.) Redolent respite. Aromatherapy, as a stress coping strategy, helped drive $2 billion in candles and accessories sales in ’98.

(6.) "Glocal" style. Consumers of the future are likely to assimilate global trends, yet remain loyal to their locality.

(7.) Globalization, not Americanization. Trends now travel two ways, not just from the U.S. outward.

(8.) Cyber-shopping in down times. The Internet is 24/7. Most personal tasks will be taken care of online.

(9.) The Big Shrink. We’re already seeing a decline of the "more is more" mindset.(10.) Taking it personally. Signature everything. Think mass customization. (Training and Development, 4/00)

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