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Christian Influencers

Rank Greatest Influence On The Church (Barna) Ranked by U.S. Pastors Most Influential Christians In America (The Church Report)

1 Billy Graham (34%) George W. Bush

2 Rick Warren (26% Mel Gibson

3 George Bush (14%) Billy Graham

4 James Dobson (11%) Rick Warren

5 Bill Hybels Joel Osteen

6 T. D. Jakes T. D. Jakes

7 John Maxwell James Dobson

8 George Barna Luis Palu

9 The Pope Paul Crouch

10 Max Lucado Chuck Colson

The younger names on this list signify a “Change of Guard” is in the making, according to researcher George Barna.

(Barna Online 1/17, The Church Report 1/20/05)

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