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Chalmers Illustration

The other day I was reading a story from Graham Twelftree’s book ‘Get the Point Across’ about two African chiefs who came to the missionary Chalmers and asked for Christian teachers for their villages, but he apologised saying he didn’t have anyone to send.

Two years went by and the chiefs returned to pester him, so this time he decided to go himself. When he arrived in one of the villages, he was surprised by what he saw. It was Sunday and all the people were on their knees, in perfect silence.

Chalmers asked the chief, "What are you doing?"

"We are praying," he said.

"But you are not saying anything," Chalmers returned.

The chief then said, "White man, we do not know what to say. For two years, every Sunday morning we have met here. And for four hours we have been on our knees and we have been praying like that, but we do not know what to say."

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