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There was a little boy who built a sailboat. He built the sail and had it all fixed up, tarred and painted. He took it to the lake and pushed it in hoping it would sail. Sure enough a wisp of breeze filled the little sail and it billowed and went rippling along the waves. Suddenly before the little boy knew it, the boat was out of his reach. All he could do was cry as he watched it sail away.

Some time later, the little boy was downtown walking past a second hand store when he saw his boat in the window. He immediately went in and told the store owner.

The owner of the shop said, "Actually it’s my boat. I bought it from someone. If you want it, you have to buy it."

The kid rushed home and counted his pennies. He had just enough, so he went back and bought the little boat. As he left the store he said, "You’re twice my boat. First I made you then I bought you!"

God made you, then He bought you on the cross.

-Adapted from Source Unknown/

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