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There was a story I read the other day, about 2 friends who were sitting in a pub watching the eleven-o’clock news at night. A report comes on about a man threatening to jump from the 20th floor of a downtown building One friend turns to the other and says, "I’ll bet you ten bucks the guy doesn’t jump." "It’s a bet," agrees his buddy.

A few minutes later, the man on the ledge jumps, so the loser hands his pal a $10 bill. "I can’t take your money," his friend admits. "I saw him jump earlier on the six-o’clock news."

"Me, too," say the other buddy. "But I didn’t think he’d do it again!"

It’s a classic joke isn’t it? The reason why it works is because humans are notoriously slow learners. We are often doomed to learn the same thing over and over and over again.

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