Sermon Illustrations

Dr. Barnhouse used this illustration to portray this simple truth to his congregation and I would like to share it with you.

A young man, suffering from amnesia, lived a new life amid his old surroundings; he could remember nothing that had happened before he fell off a haywagon. As he fell, observers noticed, he cried out these words, “Hand me that pitchfork and I will...”

He was eighteen when the accident occurred; ten years of his new life had passed. One day he got into a fight, and received a sharp blow that knocked him to the ground. His head struck a rock and he cried out again, this time finishing the sentence he started ten years earlier - “...spread the hay.” He rose, thinking that he was still eighteen years old, still on the haywagon.

The blow that was struck by Adam made all his sons unconscious of the true nature and being of God. In that unconsciousness we were born; and in that unconsciousness we live until the moment we are saved. Immediately we are made aware of the holiness of God. We go back to a comprehension of our own creaturehood and of our total dependence upon the Savior.

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