3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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It was my handicapped brother Morgan’s birthday. There is a fantastic little restaurant in Mooresville called The Little Kitchen that has the best steaks in the world and is one of Morgan’s favorite spots to eat. So, Morgan orders a filet mignon. And, as it happens, my father was at the salad bar getting Morgan’s salad together when he glanced across to see none other than Dale Earnhardt standing across the lettuce from him! Dad didn’t want to bother him, he noticed that he had been sitting at a table by himself in the back room away from everybody, but dad couldn’t resist. He spoke to the famous race car driver and told him that his handicapped son was celebrating his birthday and that it would just make his day if he could come and say hello to him for just a minute. Dale Earnhardt went back to his table and got his drink and his plate and he came to our table and he ate supper with my family that night. He also paid for our meals and gave Morgan his business card that he autographed for him.

So, after such a night like that, my father asked Morgan how he liked his birthday...

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