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A short while ago, comic-book creator, Stan Lee and company created a 6-week reality-based television series entitled, "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"

As a part of their initial search, they sent out nationwide notices stating that they were looking for folks who have never lost that inner drive to be a Superhero.

These folks arrived in droves to tryout for this show. They arrived decked out as their own custom Superhero...complete with capes, utility belts, and weapons!

This massive field was finally narrowed down to 12 "wanna’ be" Superheroes. It was actually only 11, since one of them was a Traitor!

Hmmm... Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The 11 remaining were quickly reduced to 10, when the Superhero Levity was eliminated for greedy motives not becoming of a true superhero!

A show with morals, now that’s amazing!

But it was the next challenge that really caught my attention!

Here’s a quick superhero refresher course…

As everyone knows, most superheroes have their everyday normal identity, like mild-mannered Clark Kent! But when Clark sees a dangerous situation, he immediately locates a telephone booth and changes into Superman and then whisks off to save the day!

Remember? Good!

Prior to this 2nd challenge, all of the superheroes on the show were given their own personal communicators and told to dress in their normal street clothes. They were also told to bring their superhero costume with them.

After arriving in a semi-crowded public place, Stan Lee gave them their briefing instructions...He said that when he individually contacts them on their communicators, they were to quickly find a private place to change and then swiftly run to a designated goal area in true superhero style!

Feedback was the first one to get the call...

He quickly changed behind a nearby Port-a-Potty and ran like the wind! But near the end of the public course, the crew had placed a young girl who was crying for her mother and shouting that she was lost.

Feedback raced by her without stopping! Whoosh!

Later…Monkey-Woman, complete with bananas on her utility belt, also raced by her without stopping!

Major Victory, my favorite superhero of the group, stopped and said, "Where is the mother of this child?" After no response, he then asked her to climb into his arms...

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