Sermon Illustrations

A Fisherman

During the first and second centuries, the symbol of Christianity was the fish. A present-day Christian decided that a fishhook would be the proper emblem for a soul-winner to use for winning people to Christ, so he had a little golden fishhook made to be worn on the lapel of his coat. When people asked him what it meant, he told them that he was a fisher of men. A little newsboy from whom he bought a paper one day said to him, "Mister, do you belong to a fishing club?" "Yes, I do," said the Christian, "and I think fishing is pretty nice, don’t you?" "Oh yes," the little fellow replied, "Do you ever catch any big ones?" "I have caught 250 pounders," replied the man. "Go on!" said the lad incredulously. "Yes," said the Christian, "I have caught a 250-pound fish." "Those sure are big," marveled the boy. Then leaning over, the Christian said, "Sonny, to tell you the truth, I would rather catch small fish than big ones." He exclaimed. "No!" "Yes, about your size." The little boy looked down at himself as if he were thinking, "I am not so small." Then the Christian...

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