Sermon Illustrations

When we release a sound of praise, the Earth must respond. There is a tangible change in the Atmosphere! The God of creation extracts a response from his creation!

Joshua Mills tells the story of a drought breaking in Chennai India as a result of Praise to the living God! To release a response from the Earth

I can verify this testimony because I was in Chennai at the time. It was January 2004, the rains had failed in the monsoon season and water was very scarce. The large rivers and the water reservoirs were almost dry. Unbeknown to us Joshua had called for a time of Praise to break the drought. My friend and I had just returned from Bangalore and it started to rain when we got to Chennai. Now the thing that needs to be understood is that it never rains in great amounts in January in Chennai. Before the day was over Chennai was flooded with rain. The rivers were flowing the reservoirs were filled and the crisis was diverted. In February I met Joshua Mills in New Zealand and he shared about the rain in Chennai which came as a result of sustained praise.

The Earth must respond to the Lord, and the Lord responds to our praise.