Sermon Illustrations

Illustration of the need to be deliberate and diligent: The weeds overcome

When we lived in KCMO, we rented a duplex on Walrond Avenue. We had our own fenced in back yard and along the entire fence line, we had a lot of shrubs and weeds. I did not like that and wanted to get those things out of there so one day, I got an ax, a saw, some shears, and I cleared out that fence line. I dug down below the soil and went after those roots. I was on a crusade to rid us of weeds. Well…..

….I did….and it stayed weed free for a little while, but then they came back again. I gave up. I was just too tired to face the weeds again.

What I learned from this is the importance of diligence. Now Kevin cares for our lawn. No problem…except when he gets these expensive ideas that cost us more than we have.

Here in God’s word we are told to destroy completely all the worship places. Sometimes one tiny weed of antichristian teaching can sprout up and if left unchecked it will blossom.