Sermon Illustrations

(a story built on one by A. Stanley)

While in college, Dave came home with me for a Winter Break. Unknown to my parents, though, was what Dave brought in his extra large suitcase: a 40 pound python named ‘Squeeze’. I really never liked snakes, but he told me he had no where to keep in during the break and that he would take total care of it. I cringed, but OK’d it.

Then it happened, Dave had unlocked that large suitcase, walked out of the room to come up for dinner, and….by the time he had come back down….Squeeze was no where in sight! We all c a r e f u l l y searched the house right up til midnight, checked all the heating vents, the laundry basket, the bathtub, but could not find him. Well, my folks thought that he might just might have found a nice warm spot next to the furnace and with that they decided to go to bed because they were tired.