Sermon Illustrations

ILL.: About 15 years ago I was visiting my wife (we were dating back then) and I was playing with her little sister. As usual she was jumping all over me so we started play wrestling. I had her in a pretend headlock and she couldn’t get out (she was 4).

She called a time out and said she needed to go to the bathroom. It was taking her quite a while, so after about five minutes I called for her. She answered and said she was on her way. When she returned to the den she yelled time in and jumped on me.

Every time I tried to grab her arms or head she would slip away from me and then laugh cause she got away. I realized she had something on her that was stopping me from getting a good grip.

I said, Ashley what do you have all over you? She giggled! I asked again, Ashley what do you have all over you? She replied, AWKMENT oil {ANOINTMENT or ANOINTING}! So I didn’t understand her and after asking her several time she said hold on I’ll show you!

She comes out of the bathroom with a huge tub of industrial size Coco Butter (every since then her nickname has been Coco) and said here this is what I put on so you couldn’t hold me. I said oh you put on Coco Butter so I couldn’t get a tight grip? She replied, I told you...

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