Sermon Illustrations

It is said that the famous master of a musician, Mendohlson, was visiting one of the historic cathedrals in Central Europe one day and that in this cathedral was a priceless pipe organ. Mendohlson ventured in and happened to find the organist playing the instrument. He asked if he could be allowed to play but the organist assured him that they did not allow just any stranger to touch their priceless organ. After much discussion, Mendohlson convinced the man to let him play and he filled the cathedral with music that the organist had never heard before. Finally he asked the man his name and he said Mendohlson. The organist broke down and wept and said to think that I may have missed hearing such beautiful music because I would not let the master touch my organ. What wonderful blessings we stand to lose when we don’t let the master, Jesus, touch our eyes and cause us to see.