Sermon Illustrations

Jesus talks about letting his words remain in us. What does that mean? On occasion I’ve had opportunities to go elsewhere, away from the mission, to churches that were bigger and where there seemed to be more to gain.

But whenever those opportunities come up, my dad’s voice has always gone off in my mind, even without him being there. When I was growing up he would always say, “Do what you love to do. Don’t make the big decisions based on money or “success”. If you do you won’t be happy. Make your choices based on doing what you love”.

That’s the way he has lived his life. In a way, that’s my dad’s voice “remaining in me”. And so when I’ve had to make those big decisions, the choice has actually been pretty easy. Stay where I love to be. Stay with the people I love. And God has blessed those decisions.

When we let Jesus’ words REMAIN in us, when we drink in what He says to us and let that start to shape and define who we are. We want what He wants. We don’t want stuff that He wouldn’t want for us.