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There are even new words that have replaced old ones to better reflect this culture of diversity. I did a little research this last week and found lists of politically correct words to help us better understand what is happening in our world. John Leo says in, "Double Trouble Speak," U.S. News and World Report, 4, 11 July 2005, 30:

"We have trouble saying what we mean. A receptionist is now a "director of first impressions." Singles and childless couples are called by Disney "pre-families", which also seeks to welcome "post-family" customers (widowers, empty nesters). Hospitals are really good at this: When your hospital bill registers $58 for a "thermal therapy unit," that means you got an ice pack. If you’re told your problem is "supratentorial," that means "it’s all in your head." Getting fired is always ripe for language somersaults: in England firing someone is called "icing" because someone from ICE: Involuntary Career Event breaks the news. My favorite though is "selected out through performance management assessments" or "agreed departures."

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