Sermon Illustrations

Gordon brightened as he figured out the dilemma and responded, “I answered who am I, but I should have said, ‘For a living I defend profitable corporations from schemers trying to get rich with frivolous lawsuits’.” Gordon chuckled and gave a big toothy grin to his classmates. “Go ahead, hate me!”

The group let out a collective groan and Leo leaned on his desk. He laced his fingers and said, “We’re almost there. Let’s try this one now. Who are you for a living?” he questioned the woman behind Gordon.

“I proofread. So, I’m a helper,” she said.

“Who would you be if you went blind? Leo probed further.

“A failure!” Gordon quipped genially. The group broke into good-natured laughter.

Leo grinned and went on, “Being a doctor or a banker or a park ranger may be what you love to do, but it’s not who you are. What you do for a living or even what you do as an unprofitable hobby, is not who you are. It can’t be. Who you are is not a job description or a title. A machine is what it does. We are Human Beings not ‘human doings’, right?”