Sermon Illustrations

Suppose that the Super Bowl was being held at Ericsson Stadium (where the Carolina Panthers play but this will fit at any Pro football stadium.) You would love to go, wouldn’t you? What do you need in order to get in? You need a ticket! If you don’t have a ticket, there’s nothing you can do – you can stand outside the stadium and look sad and plead with the ticket takers at the entrance, but unless you have a ticket, you won’t get in. But, imagine you do have a ticket. You’re standing outside the stadium, ticket in hand, and your friend walks up and says, “Let’s go in! Let’s go see the Super Bowl!” What are you going to say? Would you say, “Nah, I’d rather stand out here on Trade St. Maybe I’ll go pass some time sitting in the Greyhound station.”

That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? You have the ticket! You have entrance into an exciting event! So you will go in!

How much more into the presence of God! Before, our way was blocked by sin. We had no access to God. But now, Jesus has made a new and living way to enter into the presence of the living God – a new way into something much better than the Super Bowl!