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“Secret Sex Stats:

1 in 20: Number of married men who admit to cheating at least once.

1 in 22: Number of married women who admit to cheating at least once.

The average man’s typical lover is: A coworker.

1 in 3: Number of guys who take off their wedding rings when they go out without their wives.

80% of cheating men get caught.

64% of couples preserve their marriage after an affair.

78% of these later describe their marriage as unhappy or empty.”

Floyd, Ronnie. “Seven Ways You Can Affair Proof Your Marriage.” First Baptist Church. Springdale AR. 28 September. 2003.

According to Christianity Today, “60% of Christian men have sought some form of pornography [and] half of the country’s cybersex addicts are women, who often prefer explicit chat rooms to images.”

Trammel, Madison. “An Unwelcome Tenant: Pornography Is Making Itself at home in Too Many Christians’ Lives.” Christianity Today Library. Date unknown. September 26, 2006.

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