Sermon Illustrations

Stephen Baldwin recounts in (chapter 3 of) his book “the Unusual Suspect” how God’s love was active in his life, even when Stephen was ignorant of and at odds with God:

• as a fourth Grader, singing the 23rd Psalm as David the shepherd boy in an opera that made women weep—and provided a rare “spiritual moment” with his distant dad

• his role in Godspell, proclaiming the Gospel night after night as a high schooler even though he could have CARED LESS about God—about which a friend years later remarked: “There’s NO WAY you could be a part of proclaiming the Gospel over and over and it not have an effect on you” (p. 36)

• his unusual circumstances in how he met his Brazilian wife (who was also unsaved at the time) and how years later, when she hired a Brazilian nanny,

o little did they realize that this nanny—who happened to be a Christian, asked her church to pray for her, AND

o that someone in that church received a “word from the Lord” that told of God’s plan for both Kennya—his wife—AND Stephen, himself. Both outside of Christ at that time

God SEEKS US even when we are NOT SEEKING Him.

JESUS CHRIST reconciles US to God, even though we may not have yet GRABBED HOLD of it