Sermon Illustrations

Stephen Baldwin recounts in (chapter 3 of) his book “the Unusual Suspect” how God’s love was active in his life, even when Stephen was ignorant of and at odds with God:

• as a fourth Grader, singing the 23rd Psalm as David the shepherd boy in an opera that made women weep—and provided a rare “spiritual moment” with his distant dad

• his role in Godspell, proclaiming the Gospel night after night as a high schooler even though he could have CARED LESS about God—about which a friend years later remarked: “There’s NO WAY you could be a part of proclaiming the Gospel over and over and it not have an effect on you” (p. 36)

• his unusual circumstances in how he met his Brazilian wife (who was also unsaved at the time) and how years later, when she hired a Brazilian nanny,

o little did they realize that this nanny—who happened to be a Christian, asked her church to pray for her, AND

o that someone in...

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