Sermon Illustrations


Because of what Christ has done for me, and as his disciple, God’s own child, I am to let the peace of Christ RULE in my heart.


And we find that in Pennsylvania, these people, that many in the world would describe at best “different” or “odd,” and at worst, would ridicule them for their uniqueness (dress, customs), these people with whom we find ourselves SEPARATED from, these people have now invoked our amazement at the LOVE they show, that flows from their CONVICTION of PEACE. PEACE that they themselves know in the Lord.

Since the shooting,

• not only have members of the Amish community attended the funeral of the killer in support of his wife and two little children, but they

• have said they forgive Charles Carl Roberts IV


and the walls of HOSTILITY were broken down.

THEY REMEMBERED, and the two have become one.

His (the shooter’s) wife, who herself is reportedly an active Christian, active in her church, hosting women’s groups at her house (EVEN as her husband was tormented in soul and angry and hostile toward God)

responded to this outpouring of these “odd” Amish by writing this to them.

"Please know that our hearts have been broken by all that has happened," Marie Roberts wrote. "We are filled with sorrow for all of our Amish neighbors whom we have loved and continue to love."

"Your love for our family has helped to provide the healing we so desperately need," she wrote.

"Gifts you’ve given have touched our hearts in a way no words can describe. ...

Your compassion has reached beyond our family, beyond our community, and is changing our world, and for this we sincerely thank you." (cited from an AP story)

"We know there are many hard days ahead for all the families who lost loved ones, and so we will continue to put our hope and trust in the God of all comfort, as we all seek to rebuild our lives," she wrote.

The Amish remembered.

Marie Roberts remembered.

We can remember:

13 have been brought near

14 who has made the two one

15 create in himself one new man

16 in this one body to reconcile both of them to God

18 through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

[this illustration was from an AP story, and I am not sure, since I didn’t buy it, if it can be used. I don’t understand the legalities. But if it can be used, it should be, it is pretty powerful]