Sermon Illustrations

Most of us remember the story of Pinnochio. What we remember most about Pinocchio is how his nose grew whenever he told a lie. The story is actually much deeper than that. The original tale was written by Carlo Collodi about 1883. Pinocchio is in many ways a beautiful illustration of what Christ has done for us. The original 1940 Disney film captures some of the essence of the original story by transforming a sadistic, cruel, heartless little wooden boy and turns him into a real boy with a good heart but who is weak-willed and doesn’t always listen to reason.

I love this story because it so well illustrates what God has done for us. He took us as we were, full of sin and unrighteousness and transformed us into his very own child. He has changed our hearts and while we still struggle to get it right and often do not get it right we have been made his very own child and he proclaims loudly before the whole world "This is my Child, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."

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