6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Anytime we are engaged in a work for God, we are likely to encounter the poison-tipped arrows of ridicule. A barrage of truth mingled with lies, innuendo, malicious gossip and implied threats is the normal experience of leaders. Malice arises from fear, and fear is a common response to someone else’s success. Expect to have your faults thrown in your face, your folly mocked and your real progress belittled.

When this happens, by all means allow yourself to be cut down to size, but do not let yourself be dismayed or intimidated. Remember that the chorus of contempt has a diabolical conductor whose aim is to make your knees buckle. He likes tongue-tied, ineffective Christians and plays on your secret fears and inferiorities to make you one of those.

I am full of fears and chasms of...

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