Sermon Illustrations

I scratched a Car!!!

I was about 17 at the time. I finally was able to drive a car. I took my mom to work in a car that a friend had lent her for the day. It was a stick shift. After dropping off my mom my small cousin jumps to the front seat while eating chips.

The driveway to the house we lived in was a slope so I decide to hit the gas and try to make it up on 3rd, Big mistake. The car stalls on us and once it shut off, thanks to gravity, we start going down the slope backwards! My lack of experience was evident as I didn’t think of the emergency break. The main breaks hardened and I wasn’t able to stop the car.

With a main highway on my left and two connecting roads right behind me everything turned to slow motion. My cousin was still eating his chips, I was pale as snow and in my head a million and one things crossed my mind. Thankfully a wall managed to step in. It scratched the right side of the car pinning us to a complete stop. Frightened and thankful that no car had showed up to do the job, I turned to check on my cousin, and with his eyes nearly popping out of it’s sockets, he was still eating chips, at a much more rapid pace of course, he was ok.

I turned on the car, drove up the slope, parked the car and left for work frightened and worried like never before. I spent the whole day scared, worried, thinking constantly of the mess I had made. Finally, the time came to face my fear, telling my mother.

As I walked up that slope once again, from far I was able to see the car and the scratch. At the same time my mother comes out of the house. She looks at me, not with anger, but with compassion.

Having lived longer she wisely said these words: "It’s ok son, that’s what money is for. We’ll get it fixed!" That’s it!

You know, God has a better perspective as well. Our worst struggles are, in his view, nothing worse that a reparable scratch on a car. Isn’t it good to know that with Him, everything works for the good of those who love Him?