Sermon Illustrations

Sam Jones went home one day and his wife said to him, “Sam, I want you to go see the old sheriff who is dying.”

Sam answered his wife, “Honey, you know he has never believed in God. He is an infidel.”

Stirred on by his wife’s persistence, Sam went to see the sheriff.

After visiting with the sheriff for a while, Sam asked him if he was afraid to die.

“Sam, I have always told you that I was not afraid to die,” replied the dying sheriff.

Sam then asked him, “But, Sheriff, what about the judgement?”

The sheriff almost threw himself off the bed when he answered, “My God, I hand not thought of that!”

Death is not the end of life, but rather a change of life. is but the doorway to an after life. After , man must face the judgment of God. “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”