Sermon Illustrations

A prominent pastor in the Valley shared his past one day in Bible study. He referred to the passage in John 3:19-21. Before he came to Jesus as Lord he would visit bars in the area to drink his troubles away.

One bar in particular was his favorite because it was cool, dark, and generally very quiet. Along with the alcohol he could get a cheese burger. It was cooked on a griddle that gave it a special flavoring. The grease combined with a thick slice of cheese on a butter bun made it a fantastic lunch. After he came to Christ he would frequent the same bar and get that burger, but instead of alcohol he would get a coke. He would visit with some of the people he knew a share with them his new found relationship in Christ.

One Saturday he decided to take his wife to get one of the famous hamburgers. When they arrived he noticed that the normally darkened windows were cleaned of the dark shading. They walked in and discovered the inside well lit. He asked the owner and the owner explained they were doing some remodeling. He also asked if he and his wife would like two cheese burgers and two cokes. Pastor said yes and went to his usual table.

As they sat and visited he began to notice the condition of the bar. He could now see the dirt and grime on the floor. He also noticed that the tables were not particularly clean. In the light he could see the cook’s area and noticed that the grill had not been cleaned of anything for what looked like months. He saw dead cock roaches on the floor. The place literally was disgusting in the light. In the darkness he had noticed nothing but the light revealed all of the filth in the place. When the burgers arrived he was no longer hungry and as he lifted the glass to his lips he noticed that the bottom had not been cleaned. It had what looked like a crusted milk ring at the bottom. Needless to say he politely paid his bill, said goodbye. He left never to return.