Sermon Illustrations

Air Conditioner.

First house we owned was quite old and a lot of things didn’t work quite right.

Our air conditioner broke every year.

It would cool down the house then, become a heater heat it up, then cool it down.

Not how an air conditioner should work.

First year called the company who had placed the sticker on the unit.

They came out. Fixed it. Worked well.

It was under warranty – only had to pay or labor.

Next year, same thing happened.

The same company. Fixed it. Worked well.

Under warranty – again – only had to pay labor.

Third year – same thing.

Called a different company.

Guy opens the unit and says

No wonder it keeps breaking…

And there inside the unit lay a pile of extra parts.

Apparently at one point someone

couldn’t figure out how to put the unit together right

and just left the parts

and subsequent air conditioning guys left the parts.

the new guy fixed the air conditioner using all the parts

it never broke again.