Sermon Illustrations

Story – Cross Country.

I ran was on the Cross Country team for a year

– but being a sprinter, I found it boring.

When we would have a meet, we would Line up and go when we heard the Gun.

Everyone would take off as fast as they could.

Being a sprinter in 10 yards I would have a comfortable lead.

But it was the beginning of the race

Being in the lead wasn’t the goal – winning was.

I always lost.

The same with Spiritual rebirth, it is not the goal – but the start

It is like punching in at the time clock for work

Punching The Time Clock

Story – Perfect Employee

HR: only employee out of 300 who got to work on time….and left on time all year.

He secret: Stand at the time clock and wait for the exact moment.

HR was thrilled with her – truth is she didn’t get much done during the day.

She looked great on paper