Sermon Illustrations

Antonio The Garbage Man.

Antonio’s huge truck would arrive, backing up with that horrific big truck back up sound.

He would jump out and start pounding on the door,

Shouting over the unbelievably loud truck,

"Garbage Man, Garbage man, Garbage man is here!"

Well, no kidding, a side from the incredibly loud volume

– we could smell the truck before it came around the corner.

Antonio would not stop shouting and pounding until we opened the door.

“It’s Antonio – I am here to get your garbage”

Ok. Please take it.

He did this twice a week for ten years.

“It’s Antonio – I am here to get your garbage”.

It didn’t matter how often we would tell him -

You don’t have to tell us you’re taking the garbage, we know you’re taking the garbage.

Or feel free to come and go without checking in.

We even checked with his boss,

“no he doesn’t have to tell you he is taking the garbage”

We told him, “Please, don’t tell us anymore.”

It didn’t matter. Twice a week we would hear: “It’s Antonio – I am here to get your garbage”

Antonio was satisfied to just go about and do his job

He wanted everyone to know who he was and what he was doing

He was thrilled to be taking our garbage.


We should not be satisfied with our Christian lives as they are

We should be at a place were we want

everyone to know who we are and what we are doing.