Sermon Illustrations

I want to close with this poem by Lois Reynolds Carpenter, entitled “Second Birth”.

I never loved the pleasant earth

So much as since my second birth.

The shy forget-me-not’s soft blue

Seems bits of Heaven shining through.

The golden buttercup’s bright face

Proclaims the glory of His grace.

His precious Blood that washes all

The red of maples in the fall—

My sin forever far away.

As white as hawthorn buds in May-

The saint’s new, shining, linen dress –

The robe of His own righteousness.

I touch the pansy’s purple face –

His kingly majesty I trace.

Green pastures breath refreshment, rest,

And sweet communion on His breast;

While bird song from the orchard trees

Suggest celestial harmonies.

I see in river, hill, and glen

New charms since I’ve been born again!