Sermon Illustrations

John Maxwell stated this on page 1351 of the Leadership Bible:

1. What most impresses me about Apollos, however, is his teachability. He never thought he had learned so much that he couldn’t improve his game. Luke points out several facts about this man:

a. He came from a cultured city (v. 24).

b. He was an educated man (v. 24).

c. He knew the Scriptures well (v. 24).

d. He’d been taught the Christian faith (v. 25).

e. He had an obvious gift (v. 25).

f. He taught truth accurately (v. 25).

g. He taught truth passionately (v. 26).

2. But the key to Apollos success in the ministry and the helping to grow the Kingdom of God was his teachability!

John Maxwell adds this thought about growing in Christ.

a. Leaders face the danger of contentment with status quo. After all. If a...

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