"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio

Sermon Illustrations

Jon Gordon – America’s Energy Coach, who was recently on CNN, tells how he came to Christ. He says, “I grew up Jewish and followed the new age path for awhile but found it unfulfilling. After becoming a speaker and author I tried to break into speaking in all the non-Christian conferences but was blocked in every way. My business partner, Dennis, started sharing some scriptures and I kept driving down the road and seeing signs that said, ‘Jesus is the answer.’ It happened all the time. But I didn’t like the church, there were manipulators and dishonest people, so I started to question all of it. But every time I tried to meditate I would see a cross. A Jewish kid from Long Island was now seeing a cross. Go figure. I was able to connect with… (a well-known speaker) and all signs kept pointing to Jesus. About 2 months ago, after a conversation with a Buddhist healer, it all became clear to me, and I recently became a follower of Jesus. People think only Christians can point you in the right direction, but for me it was the fact that God used everyone in my life to point me to Jesus. God brought me to my business partner, he brought me to you, he brought me to a Buddhist healer, and he brought me to Jesus. Now he brings me to the people who need to hear my story.” (Emphasis mine - Story told by Erwin McManus on Mosaic.org podcast from 10/1/2006 titled “Is Jesus the Only Way?”)