Sermon Illustrations

Let’s say that right now you had a $100 bill in your pocket and I asked you to give it to me for this glass of water. You would probably say that I was crazy or at least wonder what was so special about it.

But let’s change the picture a little bit, Imagine that you have been walking for days and days in the burning desert, with your mouth dry needing water. Then you suddenly saw me standing in front of you with a tall glass of ice cold water. Now all of a sudden that glass of water is worth a whole lot more to you than it had been! What changed the worth of that glass of water. It was the same simple thing – just a glass of water. But right now you don’t have that need, you can wait till this service is over and go back to the water fountain in the restroom and get a drink for free, or you can wait till you drive home and get one for yourself.