Sermon Illustrations

John McGraw was the legendary manager of the New York Giants baseball team from 1902 to 1932. He was manager in a time when major league baseball was a rough-and-tumble game, and some of the players were regarded by decent folk to be little more than hoodlums.

McGraw fit this image perfectly. He was called the Little Napoleon because of his autocratic style. His players feared him. McGraw d umpires, but one umpire name Bill Klem, was just as legendary as McGraw and just as tough. On one occasion during an altercation a furious McGraw roared, “Klem, I ‘ll have your job for this.”

Klem roared back, “McGraw, if you can have my job, I don’t want it.”

Bill Klem understood a basic principle about security. He recognized that if his job was so insecure and angry manager could get him fired, then he might as well go on to something else because the job really wasn’t his to begin with.

The same truth applies to the salvation, If the salvation that Jesus gave me is so insecure that the devil can get cause me to lose it anytime he feels like it or if you or anyone else on earth can do something to take you out of Christ’s hand, then the salvation you were given was not eternal to begin with.